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General Introduction

Wizard Tactics is an in-development simultaneous turn-based versus game about lethal wizard battles with physics and element interactions.  The game is currently in closed alpha and not for sale right now, but this is the public demo based on the alpha. It will be occasionally updated, but will not have all of the spells available to use as I add more to the alpha.  If you're interested in the game, please add the full game to a wishlist collection and join the game's Discord server to keep up to date on the game's progress.

How to Play

Currently the game is currently local multiplayer only, so grab another person to play against and give it a whirl!  I've also had some success playing it online using Parsec, although I know installing an app and giving it permissions to remote stream your computer to play a game isn't ideal, so I hope to add online multiplayer at some point in the future.

Everything you need to learn how to play the game is available in game, although I've included more detailed spell / spell effect information below.  If you need any more info, find anything confusing, want to report a bug or give feedback, or want to find people to play against, please make sure you're in the Discord server!  If you have any questions on the development of the game, feel free to check out the tentative roadmap on the full game's page or ask me in the Discord server.

I hope you enjoy the game! (And even if you don't, I would still love to hear your feedback!)

- Tyler

P.S. There's no music or sound effects right now, so no need to mess with your sound settings if you're wondering why the game is quiet. :)


SpellMana CostDamageTypeElementDescription
Boulder Toss 11 20 (Direct Impact) / 2 (Projectiles) Projectile / Projectile (Multiple) Earth Flings a boulder into the air which shatters on impact, dealing massive damage and spraying out rock shrapnel.
Energy Ball 5 15 (Direct Impact) / 5 (Explosion) Projectile N/A A projectile that can bounce around and off other Energy Balls. Explodes after a bit or on contact with a wizard or another explosion.
Fireball 7 5 - 15 Projectile Fire A ball of fire that explodes on contact, gaining more power as it travels.
Fire Spray 8 N/A Projectile (Multiple) Fire Sprays flames out in a cone from the wizard for 2 seconds, lighting what they hit on fire.
Gravity Tether 4 N/A Movement / Projectile Gravity A projectile that binds your gravity to what it strikes, pulling you and the tethered object toward each other.
Gravity Well 10 N/A Projectile / Area-of-Effect Gravity Launches a projectile out that explodes into a gravity well that pulls in nearby objects for 2 seconds.
Ice Punch 7 15 Melee Ice Lunges forward, punching with a giant ice crystal.
Lightning Bolt 12 20 Projectile Lightning Charges and fires a lightning bolt in a straight line, doing damage and applying Spellshock.
Rock Wall 6 N/A Structure Earth Creates a wall of 5 rocks in an arc.  Each rock has 15 health and stays on the field until it is destroyed.
Water Jet 8 5 (Water) / 2 (Ice) Projectile Water Shoots a concentrated stream of water that pushes objects and deals some damage.
Wind Launch 3 N/A Movement / Projectile Wind Shoots a gust of wind, flinging the player in the opposite direction.

Status Effects

Drenched Increases Lightning damage, but prevents Burning and reduces Fire damage.
Fire Deals damage over time, but prevents Frosted, Frozen, and Drenched.
Frost Increases Ice damage, but prevents Burning. Fire converts this to Drenched.
Frozen Increases Ice damage and shatters for 10 damage when dealt Earth damage, but causes you to have less traction on the ground and reduces Lightning damage. Fire melts this, converting it to Drenched.
Spellshock For every X count of Spellshock, the next X spells take more mana to cast or regenerate less mana.

Install instructions

Itch.io App

This should run without issue, but if you do run into it crashing on startup, first try whitelisting it on your anti-virus program if you have one running (see Windows below for explanation.)


The first time running the game, right click on it and select "Open" and then select "Open" on the dialog that pops up.  I promise the game is not malware, it's just currently not signed right now and MacOS inherently distrusts downloaded apps that aren't signed.


Run the .exe when it downloads, and if Windows prompts you that the app isn't recognized, select "More Info" and then choose "Run Anyways".  If you run into any crashes when running the app, first try whitelisting it on any anti-virus programs.  I personally had some problems with Avast interfering and crashing it when I was testing on Windows, I suspect because the executable is not signed yet.


wizard-tactics-demo.exe 48 MB
Version 0.5.1-demo Sep 25, 2021
wizard-tactics-demo-mac.zip 82 MB
Version 0.5.1-demo Sep 25, 2021

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